Meet the Founder

Infusing Southern Culture into the Coffee Industry.

I started ADOS Coffee in our home after weeks of being in quarantine and after trying a lot of terrible, cheap, grocery store coffee. I wanted each cup of ADOS Coffee to enlighten your senses immediately with the aroma of our Grandmother's sweet treats.

I was born and raised in the South. For many years my family split our time between Southwest Georgia & Florida. I absolutely love southern culture and I'm proud to represent the history of Black culture in my brand. 

My husband Lucious and I have been existing in the Live, Work, Play lifestyle in Uptown Charlotte for over a year. Every morning we would grab a cup of coffee on our walk to work. Yes, we walked to work together every day… even though our offices were on opposite sides of Uptown. #BestHusbandEver 

Then, almost instantly, the city shutdown in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.   

Needless to say our life changed significantly. Our daughter, who was away enjoying her Freshman year in college was given 72 hours to pack up and move home indefinitely. The three of us were packed into a small empty-nester style condo trying to navigate the world of remote work/school x 3. 

Even though everything felt different I really wanted to keep some resemblance of a routine. Get up, make the bed, get dressed, grab coffee and start my work day. 

So yeah... about that coffee. That wasn't as easy as I assumed it would be. We had a couple bags of flavored coffee we purchased from an off the highway gift shop in Alabama stored in the back of the cabinets. We dusted off the french press and started up our routine again. Then once we ran out, we were forced to choose between the retail brands at our local grocery store. That’s when I realized there was something missing from the marketplace. 

Who decided that pumpkin spice was the preferred flavor for coffee beans. What exactly is Highlander Grogg, and why? So, I thought, “why not make our own?”

We all know the South is known for its delicious sweets & desserts. Why then have we been excluded from the speciality coffee market? I set out on a mission to create coffee with flavors that I know and love. Flavors so decadent that you instantly feel grounded in southern culture. 

That’s when ‘A Dose of the South’ was created.

A Dose of the South (ADOS) Coffee is a premium coffee brand tailored to intrigue the senses of today’s tastemakers. Our mission is to elevate the coffee drinking experience with an intentional dose of southern notes.

Brew. Pour. Enjoy

Keysha, Founder of ADOS Coffee