5 Must Have Tools for the Coffee Enthusiast - Under $30

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life - all under $30

If you’re anything like me, you’ve done ZERO holiday shopping. I can think of a thousand reasons why my most favorite season has been put on the back burner but ultimately it’s because of the pandemic. 

I had grand plans of sending everyone beautifully wrapped boxes of our first release. Welp if you got my last email you know that’s not going as planned. So instead of focusing on what physical gifts I can give, I thought maybe I help y’all figure out what to give each other. 

Listen, Linda! It’s a stretch but just keep reading.

So with only 4 days to spare until Christmas, here is a list of really cool products for the coffee enthusiasts in your life. And, quite honestly, even if they’re not an enthusiasts most of these items are just dope to have in your home. 

Procrastination Patty I got you covered. To be super helpful, I only tagged items you can likely buy online and pickup in store OR they qualify for Amazon Prime two-day shipping. This is what you have to do when you wait until the last minute. Shade, no shade.


  Allkeys USB Rechargeable Food Scale,Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams and Oz for Cooking and Baking, 0.1g/0.035oz Precise Graduation, 9"x6.3"Stainless Steel Surface, Large Back-lit LCD Display

Digital Food Scale - $19.99 Amazon

If you prepare any type of edible / drinkable / consumable good at home, you need this. PERIOD. A good scale can help you prepare a great cup of coffee. It can also shed light on how much food you’re actually consuming per serving. Because I know at least 50% of us will start some sort of new diet in 2021. Go ahead and get the scale. You will thank me in May when you’re rushing to get that summer body at the last minute. 


5pc Bar Tool Set With Stand Gold - Project 62™

Bar Tool Set - $30 Target

I know you’re thinking "what does this have to do with coffee?" Go with me here. People who drink coffee at home are mixologist in their own right. This set is good because it gives you the tools you need to take your latte, iced coffee or espresso martini to the next level. Plus it can serve as an accessary for a bar cart or coffee station. I suggest buying the full set (ice bucket and shaker) but if nothing else the tools are a great deal.

Bodum Brazil 8 Cup / 34oz French Press Coffee Maker - Black

French Press Coffee Maker - $19.99 Target

**trend alert** The French Press is quickly becoming a flex houseware item. Do I think it’s necessary for making everyday coffee? No. But, I do think it will be your best-friend if you want to make your own cold brew. It is the easiest tool to achieve a single batch of cold brew over 24 hours (that how long I brew/steep).
There are three main components of the cold brew process:
Brew/Steep (mixing ground beans with water then letting it sit); Filter; then Pour.
You can achieve all three of these steps using a french press. That’s why I think it’s a must have in your home.  


KeepCup Brew Cork, Reusable Glass Cup, Medium 12oz | 340mls, Black

KeepCup Reusable Glass Cup - $28 Amazon

Think, coffee mug on-the-go. Do you know someone who has a weird phobia of drinking from nontransparent cups? Yes, you do. That person is me. I am completely grossed out by drinking from cans or other vessels where I can’t see what I’m slurping on. That’s why I like KeepCup. The design is super cool because it’s made of clear glass so you can see what’s being consumed AND you can easily wash it. I’m sorry but you can’t convince me those bottleneck insulated thermos are getting clean. 
*Note the only version that was available before Christmas is the Star Wars edition. May the force be with you 

Coffee Scoop Clip

Coffee Scoop Clip - $5 Urban Outfitters

Regardless of what brewing method you use, industry experts suggest two tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water. This coffee scoop is literally the most handy tool to measure your morning cup. What I love is the clip that helps keep the coffee bag sealed which preserves its freshness.  This is also super useful for people who have a hard time keeping up with gadgets. You’re welcome. 

That wraps up this list! I hope you purchase at least one of these items for your loved ones this year. 

Also, I would love to add an affiliate disclaimer here --you know, multiple stream$ of income -- but unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to sign up for that process yet. Soon Come. Just know that I’m truly recommending products I think are useful. For the items I do not personally own, I did the hard work of reading all the 3-star and 4-star reviews (that’s where the good stuff is at) on every product. Each item is Keysha Good Deal Certified™ based on what I think are the most helpful features.

Now all you need is a bag of Sunday Morning to Brew. Pour. Enjoy!

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